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2nd Anniversary by Thedarkestnight51
2nd Anniversary
I've been in an art block for so long now... I'm glad I managed to draw, and create this.
I know it looks more basic compared to some of my other works... but I'm tired, and haven't drawn in ages now.

This is my drawn anniversary gift for my girlfriend, :iconslymaster58:
I love you so so so much, my cookie~
Happy 2nd Anniversary~

Also, this is based around 20 years in the future. 
Jhon at this time has changed due to ageing, and becoming a full fledged adult, and Mira is also an adult. 
The scene is them starting to dance, in honour of their celebration.

Hassara 'Jhon' Abyss belongs to me.
Mirage belongs to :iconslymaster58:

Comments please.
No flames.
Void (Update) by Thedarkestnight51
Void (Update)
I know I've been gone for so long, but I am drawing again, it has taken time to get out of my art block, but I'm now drawing again. 
I've started off redrawing some of my other character's that need to be either redrawn, or redesigned. I'm also going to be drawing new characters too.

This is Void, Hassara 'Jhon' Abyss' rival, and close friend. He is from a race known as the Nuran, the brother/sister race to the now endangered Lost Moon Clan, and he's a former Prince.

This is his original design: Void, the Cyber Nuran by Thedarkestnight51
Look how much he's changed...

Comments please, no flames.

Love Meme

Journal Entry: Sat May 10, 2014, 3:51 PM
Stolen from :iconslymaster58:

Choose 1-4 of your OCs to answer the questions
Credit owner (Sophiecinders14) 
Tag 2-4 people when you're done
Have fun ^^

Characters I'm using:

 Jhon Re-design? by SLYMaster58

Void: Void, the Cyber Nuran by Thedarkestnight51

Robin: Robin the Hybrid by Thedarkestnight51

Architect: (One on the right) Vix and Architect by Thedarkestnight51

Q1. What is your name and how old are you?

Hassara: "I'm Hassara Abyss but most people call me Jhon. I'm 22 in appearance but immortal so I'm really old."

Void: "It's Void, I'm not telling you my real name and I'm not telling you my damn age so shove off!"

Robin: "I'm Robin and I'm from the future."

Architect: "I lost my real name when I became Architect and I'm 100 Decillion years of age."

Q2. Who is your partner and how old are they?

Hassara: "My partner is Mira and she's 21."

Void: "The person I look after is Alice who is 19."

Robin: "I'm with Kat who is 18."

Architect: "My love is called Anubis and he's 20 Quadrillion years old."

Q3. Where did you first meet?

Hassara: "I fell from the sky and landed near her."

Void: "On Hassara's old battleship before Adam destroyed it in the battle against the Hex."

Robin: "She jumped me one day."

Architect: "He was sent to kill me but he instead spared my life and came with me to Col'a Forla."

Q4. Describe your partner to us...what kind of person are they?

Hassara: "She's a very shy person, very protective, loving and cute."

Void: "Strong, rough, but still nice."

Robin: "... She's very random but warm hearted."

Architect: "A hard ass, cocky but fun and comical."

Q5. Are you just boyfriend and girlfriend, engaged or married?

Hassara: "We're married. What's with these questions? Stalker."

Void: "I'm her BODYGUARD, get that through your thick skull."

Robin: "She's my girlfriend... I think. I think ancestor Void would say, 'Why the bloody heck are you asking me these?'"

Architect: "Married. Took the hard ass long enough."

Q6. Would you change anything about your partner? If not, why?

Hassara: "No." 

Void: "Stop with the questions!"

Robin: "That tail of hers tries to eat me at night..."

Architect: "No."

Q7. If you caught your partner kissing someone else, what would you do?

Hassara: *His eyes and body patterns turn purple and glow.* "I'm not quite sure."

Void: "I'd rip off that horn on her head and give her a new form of penetration!!!"

Robin: "Not sure."

Architect: "He'd best pray to the Goddess that I don't find him..."

Q8. Have you and your partner had sex yet?

Hassara: "Yes, a number of times."

Void: "Bloody pervert, yes, we've performed the act a number of times."

Robin: *Looks at the person asking the question.*

Architect: "So many times now."

Q9. Does your partner know how to turn you on?

Hassara: "Yes, she's a goddess."

Void: "Hell yes, she's a sexy beast."

Robin: "... Get away from me."

Architect: "Yes and that is all on the matter."

Q10. Where's the strangest place you and your partner have kissed or done anything else?

Hassara: "What's the point to this?"

Void: "We've done it everywhere and done things you can't imagine."

Robin: "This is annoying."

Architect: "Are you trying to write a sex manual here?"

Q11. Alright, let's move away from those questions...have you met your partners parents?

Hassara: "No..."

Void: "I think so."

Robin: "No."

Architect: "I have not."

Q12. Is there anything about your partner that concerns you?

Hassara: "...Her past... and that idiot inside her called Dekonic."

Void: "Not sure."

Robin: "Her past, I don't know much of it."

Architect: "The fact that he tried to kill me? Nothing, really."

Q13. Would you die for your partner?

Hassara: "...Already have."

Void: "Yes, died for her in the Great Dying Event."

Robin: "Yes."

Architect: "Yes..."

Q14. Right, that's all the questions, is there anything you want to say?

Hassara: "Took long enough, thank the Goddess it's all over." 

Void: "Yeah..." *Gets a gun and looks at the person with a sadistic grin.* "You better run."

Robin: "... That was worse then ancestor Hassara's mistake when that Dark Clone of him was made and he didn't do anything about it."

Architect: "You tell anyone my age and you never be found again."

I will tag no one, steal at your own discretion~I am a dummy!

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Hi there =3

I'm the returned soul of whats his name. =3

I'm in University studying BA Hons Moving Image Production. I'm studying to be Sound Man and will attempt to make my own company which gathers and creates foley sound. I am also studying how to be a screenplay writer too.

But because I'm at University, I won't be be submitting work all to often but I will keep uploading work.
I'm a freelance artist who will draw just about anything, so just ask. I'm a very nice person, I won't bite. >:3 :fuzzydemon:

Now for Mine and Sly's couples~:

Happy Mother(s to be) Day! by SLYMaster58
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It's okay, lass. :3
Thu Aug 28, 2014, 10:14 AM
SUDDENLY PINEAPPLES! sorry I'm tired and I want to test this thing out
Wed Aug 27, 2014, 12:03 PM
Hehehhehe~ XD
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You cannot escape the cuddle monster, Johnny~ >:3 :tighthug:
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