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Jhon The Abyss Ref Sheet by Thedarkestnight51 Jhon The Abyss Ref Sheet by Thedarkestnight51
This is the coloured base form of Jhon and the eyes he can use at anytime, though not as effective as they would be in the transformation states that they belong to.

Name: Jhon Abyss.
Nicknames: Gabriel, Jhon, Son of Fade, Crossbreed, Saviour, Knight of the Light and Shadows.
Gender: Male.
Sexuality: Heterosexual.
Race: Nuran/Hex hybrid.
Home World: Nuran.
Birth Place: Nuran system orbiting space station ‘Colossus Prototype.’
Forms: Mobian, Human, Nuran, Trav'eller (All types) and Veil.
Current Form: Mobian Lynx (Picture.)
Real Form: Not Known.
Clan: Amethyst.
Clan Home World: Blood-Moon.
Star Sign: Unknown.
Date of Birth: 07/14/500,000,000,000/5.
Date of Death: 01/01/129,000,000,000,000/5.
Date of Resurrection: 21/6/1992/1.
Age: 20 (Stopped aging.)

Occupation(s): Singer, leader of the Free Alliance, Fighter, Slight Comedian, Doctor, Assassin, Mercenary, warrior, part time Freedom Fighter and Prince of Nuran.
Star Ship Name: Undying Heart.
Friend(s): *He calls a lot of people his friends.*
Enemies: Anyone who disrupts peace in the universe. Hex, Seian and himself.
Allegiance: Hero, Anti-Hero.
Favourite Food(s): Banana Sundae, Cherries, Chocolate, Cookies, Biscuits, Christmas dinner, Sweets and Nougat.
Favourite Drink(s): Water, Pepsi Max, Diet Coke, Coconut milk, Milkshake, Tea, Herbal tea(s).
Likes: Music, Singing, Peace and Exploring.
Dislikes: Anyone in pain, hate, anger and his friends in misery.

Family (Adopted):
The First (Ascended.)
X - Ancestor (Ascended.)
Abyss - Father (Ascended.)
Chloe - Mother (Alive.)
Gauntlet - Brother (Dead.)
Ki - Brother (Dead.)
Samie - Sister (Dead.)
Chase - Sister (Dead.)
Demmi - Sister (Alive.)
Syn - Half-brother (Alive.)

Family (Real):
First the Prophet - Grandfather (Unknown.)
Kasali the Sage - Grandmother (Unknown.)
Fade - Father (Alive.)
Madx - Uncle - (Unknown.)
Kerri - Aunt (Unknown.)
Hex - Mother (Unknown.)
Rylie - Sister (Unknown.)
Rafael – Brother (Unknown.)
Neon – Brother (Unknown.)
Nalie – Sister (Unknown.)
Courtney – Sister (Unknown.)
Nebula – Sister (Unknown.)

Theme Song(s):
Broken - Sins of a Divine Mother.
Chosen One - A2.
Into the Wind – Crush 40.
Never Turn Back – Crush 40.
Almost Dead - Powerman 5000.
Show Me What You Got – Powerman 5000.
Leave Out All The Rest – Linkin Park.
Crawling – Linkin Park.
Numb – Linkin Park.
When They Come For Me – Linkin Park.

Manipulation of Space.
Manipulation of Time.
Manipulation of Energy.
Advanced Healing.
Enhanced Senses (Even Six Sense and 2nd Sight.)
Genetically Enhanced Body and Immune System.
Dark and Light Abilities.
Legendary Eyes - And other types.
God Mode.
Titan Mode.
Hex Mode.
Fade Mode.
Angel Mode.
Soul Power.
Soul Edge.

Swords. Light Legacy (His katana, which can split into 5 separate blades.)
Guns. Angel Path and Demonic Path (Unlimited Laser pistols.)
Laser Grenades.

All of his abilities have drawbacks from using them, either hurt him if he uses the move wrong or it could kill him.
The use of his powers is also evident when his hair starts to get white streaks or his hair can go white altogether.
His lack of endurance prevents Jhon from fighting for prolonged periods, which forces him to use Soul Power.
If he uses Soul Power for to long he can die, if not he can get pushed to Soul Edge.
In the Soul Edge state, he is not dead, but he isn’t alive and he runs a very high risk of dying in this state.

"I have many names..." Jhon to Chris.
"He who controls the past commands the future, He who commands the future, conquers the past." Jhon to Adam.
"You believed I was dead? YOU are gravely mistaken." Jhon to Hex.
"Drop dead!" Jhon to Unknown.
"Oooh it was... fun... Oh my..." Jhon's final words before his first death.
"Heaven rejected me, Hell's afraid I'll take over." Jhon to Chris.
"Now... I'm motivated!" Jhon turning God Mode.
"I'll show you fear." Jhon using his dark powers.
"I'll... Kill... You..." Hex Jhon to Hex.
"Go forth... my Alliance in Exile." Jhon to the black fleet.
"What do you see when you look into my eyes..." Jhon to Demmi.
"Goodbye old friend..." Jhon to Adam.
"Sleep well my brother... you've earned this rest... Syn?... You... Ok...?" Jhon to Syn.
"I bring order to chaos..." Jhon to Hex.
"Hmph..." Jhon to Fade.
"We're never alone... we always have someone with us... even if we don't see them..." Jhon to Heartless.
"Love leads the way... not pain!" Jhon to Trav'eller King.
"I'm young, wise, powerful and damn good looking to boot." Jhon to Raine.
"I don't like to lose." Jhon to Ki.
"Phew it's good to be alive." Jhon to Prey.
“I will find peace one day, however I will not rest until then.” Jhon to Sea'Rayea.
“When my time comes, my echo will leave my vessel and enter the what your kind would call, the afterlife, I’ll happily join the spirits and I can retire from war and conflict. Until then, old friend.” Jhon to Adam.
“I’ll show you how crazy I am!” Jhon to Faye.
“I’m unending, I never back down, I never fade away.” Jhon to Chris.
“Reow.” Jhon when bored excited or pleased.
“Purr.” Jhon when sleeping, bored, excited or happy.
“Meow.” Jhon when tired, happy, pleased and excited.
“Chocolate is pure heaven, sweets too. But dark chocolate surpasses all… maybe Belgium chocolates…” Jhon talking to a table full of chocolates and sweets.
“Aww poor lill babeh, come on and fight meh!” Jhon to Cultist.
“When you watch your friends die in a war you can’t win, come talk to me… when you watch your race die and you can’t do anything to stop them from dying, come talk to me… when you watch your entire home, your planet… its moons and everything you once knew burn… come talk to me…” Jhon to Chancellor Nexus.
“Growl…” Jhon to his couch.
“Boo…” Jhon to his pet jellyfish.
“I’m happy.” Jhon to Chris.
“I will find my family.” Jhon to Mathew.
“Judge this one as you have judged me.” Jhon praying to Goddess Rea’lm the judge.
“May I ask for forgiveness for the crimes I am about to commit.” Jhon praying to Goddess Rea’lm.
“Goddess Siy’n… the warrior, may my aim be true, my sight sharp and my feet swift… may the shadows be my ally… my closeness, my sting.” Jhon praying to Goddess Siy’n before a job.
“I’m your backup.” Jhon to Chris.
“One Vision.” Jhon to Fade.
“Hahahahahha! No one can stop me now!” Jhon possessed by the parasitic life form Seian.
“Goodbye James, you won’t be alone long…” Jhon saying his goodbye to James.
“This is not a plan, but it’s a damn good plan.” Jhon to Chris.
“Lets rock!” Jhon with Chris and Unknown against Seian’s army.

When he was a kid he was a very happy person, always smiled, was very kind to everyone.
Before his death, he was cold, sad, depressed; yet he was ok to most people.
When he was resurrected, he was merciless to finding out his past and doing what he wanted.
He was somewhat quiet, he was one to always plan ahead, he could be cold hearted, but he was kind to people he trusts and very protective of people close to him and will protect them to his last breath.

Now he is calm, peaceful and now fully embraced his father’s legacy. He is a loving and kind person, but still loves to fight and protect life. He is still quiet and mischievous to enemies and often taunts nasty people but he does get serious when fighting powerful enemies and will often pursue his objective with disturbing and frightening determination.
He also has a powerful sense of identity; he possesses a strong will, making him rarely susceptible to being manipulated by other forces. When the King of the Seian’s parasite enters him, Jhon fought for hours trying to stop and remove the parasite but failed to do so, however managing to stay himself for that length of time proved the resilience of Jhon and the strength of his mind, soul and will.
He is also stubborn and somewhat sarcastic; this sarcastic trait often makes him funny to some people however, which pleases him.

He usually helps people and protects them, even total strangers, he laughs and tells jokes sometimes and often just been a bit odd, he can still be cold and depressed, but never shows them often, just keeping his usual expression and attitude.
He has tried to turn former enemies to the light, and has succeeded often, he helps see the light even in the darkest hearts such as Heartless, but some people he can’t save, which he gets annoyed at and sometimes upset because he can’t.
He is very intelligent and likes to make machines and crystals, he has a tendency to make his work the best it can be, he also tends to think everyone hates or dislikes him, making him slightly sad often.

Time line:
(Day - Month - Year - Universe)
07/14/500,000,000,000/5 – Date of Creation - Created by Fade and Hex just before Fade's death.

09/01/100,000,000,000,000/5 – Date of Evolution stage 2 - His bones that are made of energy are now made of crystal, while his skin is now made of tightly bound energy.

01/01/129,000,000,000,000/5 – Date of Death - Death unknown - presumed killed by

19/07/0200/1 – Jhon's DNA is found by a crystalline race and is cloned 15 times and is all kept in stasis until they destroy the facility and vanish to other parts of the universe to embrace there fathers legacy and fight for peace.

21/06/1992/1 – Date of Resurrection - Unknown events.

07/04/1996/1 – The Free Alliance is founded by Jhon.

10/09/1999/1 – Jhon creates a Globular Cluster, names it Bastion and turns it into the Free Alliance core.

01/01/2000/1 – Jhon fights Hex and losses.

09/07/2000/1 – Jhon encounters the Galactic Federation, a very large collection of races joined together to create a brighter future, however they see the Free Alliance as a bunch of thieves and thugs and become hostile.

02/02/2001/1 – The Free Alliance go to war against the Galactic Federation.

09/03/2001/1 – The Galactic Federation and Free Alliance team up against the Shroud, a mysterious race from the South Sector.

26/12/2005/1 – The Allied forces stop the Shroud from activating the Colossus. A Nuran super-ship, which is the size of an entire galaxy. The Allied forces take control of it and separated it in orbits around the galaxy to protect it. The Shroud war ends.

06/06/2010/1 – Jhon goes to Mobius for a holiday.

09/09/2010/1 – Another dimensional alliance called the Slime attacks the Allied forces now consisting of Universe Zero, 1 to 49, The Meta-verse war begins.

01/11/2011/1 – Fade is brought back to life by the Slime and fights Jhon, Fade then remembers who Jhon is and helps him.

05/11/2011/1 – The Slime attacks Bastion, The Free Alliance core is badly damaged but still fights in the war.

09/12/2011/1 – The Allied forces land on the Slime home world in Universe 89 and capture it.

25/12/2011/1 – The Slime surrender and the Allied forces make a treaty with them to allow both groups to function without war.

07/04/2012/1 – Jhon takes a holiday on Mobius and celebrates his birthday for the first time.

09/05/2012/1 - Jhon's house is caught in a avalanche.

24/05/2012/1 – Hex returns to find Jhon.

04/06/2012/1 – Jhon goes to the movies for the first time to study and watch a film with some friends, Hex also appears and tells Jhon the Truth about his creation, telling him that she is her mother.


06/06/2012/1 – Jhon enjoys life on Mobius and plans on staying.


10/06/2012/1 – Jhon fights Hex one last time and wins, however he is scarred down the left side of his face (Shown in picture.)

11/06/2012/1 – Jhon uses his powers to fuel the universe, bringing back every star, planet and every life form that was killed by Hex.

15/06/2012/1 – Jhon is found in the ruins of Mobius capital and is taken to a hospital and pronounced dead.

16/06/2012/1 – Jhon wakes up and goes into his 3rd state of evolution. His bones turn into Neutron Star material but he still weighs the same and his skin becomes as hard as diamonds.

18/06/2012/1 – Jhon leaves the hospital. The Free Alliance and the Nuran arrive to help the Mobians.

29/12/2013/1 – The Free Alliance encounter the Confederation, a massive interstellar fleet that resides beyond "Far Point" and the "Outer Edge."

03/01/2014/1 – The Confederation navy and Free Alliance fleets engage in small skirmishes along their territories.

09/07/2014/1 – The Confederation and Free Alliance forces engage in full-scale warfare, Bastion also recovers from the Slime invasion in 05/11/2011/1.

01/01/2015/1 – The Confederation home world explodes, they open peace treaties with the Free Alliance.

09/01/2015/1 – The Free Alliance allow the Confederation into their space and begins to aid them in evacuating the Confederation civilians from the Confederation core system.

07/08/2015/1 – As Free Alliance expands its borders and produces more battle ships and star dreadnoughts, The Galactic Federation issues them a warning to stop production and expansion or risk hostilities.

09/12/2015/1 – The Free Alliance continues building battle ships and star dreadnoughts. The Galactic Federation leaks a plan about an invasion of Bastion. The Confederation warns the Free Alliance.

10/12/2015/1 – The Confederation stands with the Free Alliance and forms a solid friendship between the two superpowers. They share ship designs, shipyards, schools, personnel and technologies.

25/12/2015/1 – The Galactic Federation member ‘Marauders’ led by Chris, find evidence of corruption and dealings the Chancellor has made with the Slime and kills him.

29/12/2015/1 – Chris becomes Chancellor and allows the Confederation and Free Alliance to re-join the galactic community.

31/12/2015/1 – Jhon returns to Mobius.

29/10/2019/1 – Fade becomes King of the nearly formed Trav’eller Systems Alliance consisting of the Nuran, Babylon Trav’ellers, Ancient Trav’eller, Pure Trav’eller, Trav’ellers and Veil.

08/04/2022/1 – Jhon fully embraces his father’s legacy and unlocks the Fade transformation and eyes. He changes his once black clothes to a deep red top and deeper red pants. He lives on Mobius in the Rocky Mountains.

16/06/2022/1 – Jhon finds out that he has two twin brothers and four twin sisters through a vision left behind by Hex. Jhon after confronting Fade and demanding the truth goes to find his lost siblings.

07/09/2027/1 – The Allied Forces is reformed and the Inter-dimensional Federation is formed consisting of Universes Zero, Universe 1 to Universe 999.

01/11/2030/1 – The Hex and Seian armies invade the Free Alliance Remnant core ‘Bastion Cluster,’ ‘Bastion Core World,’ and ‘Sector One’. The Galactic Federation and Inter-dimensional Federation abandon the Free Alliance Remnant and leave them to fight alone. Chris defies the Councils and takes the Marauders to ‘Bastion Cluster’ to help his friend.

01/11/2030/1 – The Confederation forces arrive to help Bastion and send forces to all Free Alliance territories to boost their defense incase of an attack.

02/11/2030/1 – Fade takes the Trav’eller Systems Alliance to Bastion to back up the Free Alliance Remnant, deploying troops to all battlefronts.

09/11/2030/1 – Unknown arrives to Bastion and meets up with Jhon and Chris.

12/11/2030/1 – Chris, Jhon and Unknown stand against the last army of the Hex and Seian and kill the Seian leader, but Jhon is taken over by the parasitic leader.

15/11/2030/1 – Fade stops Jhon, removes the Seian from him and kills the last Seian. The Free Alliance, Marauders and Trav’eller Systems Alliance push the Hex out of Bastion and all Free Alliance Remnant territories.

21/06/2034/1 – The Free Alliance recover and leave the Galactic Federation and Inter-dimensional Federation Councils and close off all their territories to them letting only the Confederation, Marauders and Trav’eller Systems Alliance into their spaces.

23/06/2034/1 – Jhon moves back to Mobius.

Real Jhon Belongs to Me

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